About Our Ministry

Hello, Welcome To Toonspirit Ministries.

Toonspirit Ministries was founded on 2/19/2010 by Carl R. Heinlein (That is me), Bonnie L. Heinlein, and Cynthiana L. Stone (No longer with the ministry because of personal reasons).  This is a small but growing non-profit organization.  We are a media interpretive ministry dedicated to showing The Gospel in new and exciting ways.  The main thrust of the ministry is using TV cartoons and kid shows for the sake of in-depth Biblical analysis, educated opinions, imagination, and critical thinking.

There are more things going on with this ministry than the above, as we use the specialties of our ministry operatives.  For example, I teach, write, and lead.  My wife and Vice-President Bonnie draws, and writes poems.  My mom also works in our ministry and is very valuable in her encouragement and support as well as advice.  A few years back, we found another strong helper for our ministry named Angela Britt.  She is creative and helps us to try to get new ideas for projects, she also speaks fluent conversational Spanish and helps with that skill when needed.  We found another helper named Gloria Prescott.  Her job, when the time is right will be to start writing grants, but for now, we are going to try to get more people to look at us, this might help us to get good references if required.

We want those who write and have life affirming life stories and experience to contribute to our ministry with those wonderful life-giving gifts so people will learn about the Christian experience and increase their faith, and if they don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, to do so–Everyone needs The Lord.

Please check us out at http://toonspirit.net for more about this ministry, look at the lessons, and have a blessed time in The Lord!!

Best Regards–God Bless You.  Be Safe.

Carl R. Heinlein–President Of Toonspirit Ministries


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