Lesson 56: Intellect Of A Child

We have now put up in pdf form Lesson 56:  Intellect Of A Child

This shows how simple Heaven actually is for mentally handicapped children especially.  They have the tendency to get life right while those who think too much may not.  The faith, trust, and love of children like these need to be learned from and imitated.  When we fully surrender our intellect to God, we find out how amazing He really made us.  I used the Pinky & The Brain episodes called “Snowball” and “Das Mouse”.  I also sneaked in a jpg picture of a still from the Garfield & Friends episode “It Must Be True”.


Enjoy and we would appreciate any comments whatsoever on this lesson just like all the rest.


About professorparody

My real name is Carl Richard Heinlein. I grew up in Danville, Indiana. I am currently 38. and live in Richmond Kentucky. I am legally blind with an eyesight of 20/200 corrected vision. I am a borderline albino which means sunlight is very unkind to me to say the least. My primary interest is making friends. I talk to about everyone I see. I want to make sure everyone is treated like they are special because everyone is!! My hobbies include: tennis, chess, shooting pool, church league softball (catcher), and archiving cartoons (I have a tape and disc library of my favorite TV Programs--1320 VHS Tapes and a bunch of DVD's that are taped off of TV. I use these to make lessons.) I played 5 seasons of varsity tennis at my respective high schools and did the best I could (I don't think the schools had JV programs) I won some matches in this time. I do my best in everything I do, so it would not be unusual. A lot of times in these sports I do win, especially in the pool games and chess games (commented on above), but there are lots of times when I lose too. It's all in the spirit of playing the sports in God's Spirit!! So, I love life. A good attitude in this is important in order to keep things that way, so others can see God working through me and His light to shine. The Bible States: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.--Proverbs 17: 22 The Above Bible Passage Is My Life's Slogan Or Motto!!! I want to be a cheerful heart and good medicine.
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One Response to Lesson 56: Intellect Of A Child

  1. This was a very well written and thought out lesson.

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