Wrong Keys Lesson Set

A while back, I started a lesson set on “Wrong Keys”.  This set is about bad choices or even habits that impede our spiritual growth.  The first was “Storming The Castle With The Wrong Stuff”.  This was more about not using our spiritual tools correctly and not.  We talked about God holding the keys to even the enemy fortresses, heaven and even Hell.  God has the key to our minds too.  For any and every key, He chooses who gets a copy.  We need to make sure that we don’t give the enemy an illegal copy of our mind’s key.  God is our bridge through walls–without Him nothing happens that’s good spiritually for us.  We need to remember whose side we’re on.  I used the Atari2600 game called Adventure.  I’m led now to continue and the next lessons are on worry and lack of faith or spiritual strength.  Of course, these are in no particular order and subject to change.  Please check back frequently for updates.

Also, might I add that I am looking for work to help stabalize our finances.  Anyone with Ideas or willingness to hire me to help with ministry is encouraged to write on this blog.  Just remember to put some sort of contact info in the post.  Money isn’t the most important thing in God’s plan or ministry, but we do need some to help with things we’re going through.  I promise that any job would be deeply treasured for the right spiritual reasons and money doesn’t drive us–God does.  We trust when God’s plan is first then everything else will take care of itself.  We’re just in a little rough patch because our car payment takesvmost of our spare money.  Please pray that worry won’t take over.  It’s unusual for things like this to be what I think about a lot.  We feel like we are going through a moderate test and it’s hard to be patient, so these “Wrong Keys” lessons are as much for me as everyone else.

Hope to see you soon.

Carl R. Heinlein (Richie), Pastor–Toonspirit Ministries

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Lesson Updates

Over the last year, things have been hard.  We have had to move, we have had some budget issues due to this and other things that made money unstable (including going to court against our prior landlord).  We look a lot better now, our budget has gotten better.

We have moved to a place called Pebblecreek Crossing and I have become a pastor there.  So far, we only have one really stable person to pastor and teach, this is far better than none.  We have made many lessons already in our new place.  We look forward to more.  These lessons include:

Unity 2

Ten Commandments




Lesson 19a

Lesson 19b



(A 12-15 week course in itself if you want to take one at a time and can include the old “Is Lying Good?–You Make The Call” set which are lessons 19a and 19b).

Heaven’s Town Criers

A Weapon Forged Against You

Dry Bones

Dry Bones 2

The Seven Deadly Sins–Lust

Lose To Win



These are really neat lessons.  We will try our best to keep up on the blog more and more.

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Break Is Over

As our readers can see, I have been not on here for around 9 months.  A lot has happened.  After my ordination, I went through an identity crisis.  This was likely due to getting unwarranted feedback from a lot of church members at the Methodist Church that me and my wife Bonnie attend.  There were misunderstandings about why I ordained such as just wanting to be on the map, being self-serving, and trying to replace people when none of that was the case.  People took my excitement and energy and tried to turn it against me and the ministry I proudly serve in.

During that time however, God used this time to tell me to take a break and get ready for the opportunities He had for me.  I was told to fix up our household budget to make a profit and use the money to keep our account in pretty decent shape and fund our ministry’s projects when called to do so.  The budgets were pretty much finished in January.  After a couple of months worth of tweaking, I was told to start writing lessons and sermons which are now called “Spirit Messages”

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On September 3, 2016, Toonspirit Ministries workers and friends ordained me to be the pastor of our ministry.  I am humbled and will strive to do God’s work more aggressively than ever.  This calling is never going to be taken lightly.  I am already strengthening our linkedin network, wrote more lessons, and have now been working hard on our household budget so we can fund projects more easily.  God is truly at work and is the sole cause of these blessings (I am just the loving laborer).

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Lesson 57 and 58

Lesson 57 has been updated and re-uploaded.  Lesson 58 “Traitor” is now complete and uploaded in HTML5 format.  Traitor is about Judas Iscariot’s betrayal and then we look at ourselves in the fact that we will be traitors to either darkness or light.  We need to make a choice to turn from darkness and defect to the light side.  We need to join the Lord Jesus Christ in His cause and kingdom and serve Him for all eternity in Heaven.

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Lessons 38 and 57

My brother has now uploaded lesson 38 a, b, and c to our ministry website.  This is “The Master Dream Prophet I, II, and III on Joseph and the movie called Joseph King Of Dreams.

Also lesson 57 “Independence Day” has also been completed and soon will be uploaded.

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Progress On HTML5 Lessons

A lot of thanks to my brother A.C. Heinlein to getting us through lesson 37 “Bait And Switch”  I will start conversion on Lesson 38 The Master Dream Prophet I, II, and III very soon.  Patience from our readers is appreciated as this is a lot of work for us both.  It is always my privilege and duty to write these lessons and share with all the internet community and our personal friends and family.

God Bless You.  Be Safe.

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HTML5 lessons Update

We have now got lessons 1-32 and 52-56 online now so the progress is being made and soon we will be having every lesson up.  New lessons are being created currently including a “Ten Commandments” lesson and “Independence Day”.  These will be up when totally done and this means finding all proper cartoons the scriptures will definitely not be as hard for these as others can be.  I am very excited!!

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Lesson 56: Intellect Of A Child

We have now put up in pdf form Lesson 56:  Intellect Of A Child

This shows how simple Heaven actually is for mentally handicapped children especially.  They have the tendency to get life right while those who think too much may not.  The faith, trust, and love of children like these need to be learned from and imitated.  When we fully surrender our intellect to God, we find out how amazing He really made us.  I used the Pinky & The Brain episodes called “Snowball” and “Das Mouse”.  I also sneaked in a jpg picture of a still from the Garfield & Friends episode “It Must Be True”.


Enjoy and we would appreciate any comments whatsoever on this lesson just like all the rest.

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New HTML 5-Style Lessons

My brother Adam has now put up lessons 26d–26f.  This means that there only remains 26g1–26g2 (Redemption Day I and II) before the “Responsibilities lesson set is up online in HTML 5-style.  This is truly good news!!!

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